Christian Odendahl

Christian Odendahl

Chief economist & Berlin representative
Areas of expertise 

Eurozone, ECB, Germany, fiscal and monetary policy, structural reforms, political economy of economic integration, international trade, financial regulation.


BBC Newsnight: Brexit and Article 50 - The view from Germany

30 March 2017
What do people in Germany think about the triggering of Article 50 - and the UK's decision to leave the EU? Diplomatic editor Mark Urban interviews Christian Odendahl (02:38). 

Why Berlin won't give Theresa May an easy ride over Brexit

The Observer
19 March 2017
Germany's British exports are far less important to it than loyalty to the European project.
CER podcast: What free movement means to Europe and why it matters to Britain

CER podcast: What free movement means to Europe and why it matters to Britain

16 February 2017
Discussion on the politics and economics that underlie differing views of free movement in the UK and Europe.

Was Theresa May nicht gesagt hat - aber ansprechen muss

Der Tagesspiegel
18 January 2017
Die britische Premierministerin Theresa May hat in ihrer Lancaster House Rede die zwölf Ziele der Briten in den kommenden Brexit Verhandlungen vorgestellt.

CER podcast series: The economics of populism, episode four

07 December 2016
In this episode, Marcel Fratzscher and Ryan Avent discuss ‘Is inequality behind the rise in populism?’

CER podcast series: The economics of populism, episode one

16 November 2016
In this episode, Barry Eichengreen and Martin Wolf discuss 'Are macro-economic policy failures behind the rise of populism?'

Inforadio: Abgehängt durch die Globalisierung

16 August 2016
Andere Länder setzen auf Zäune - die Briten stimmen für den Brexit. Und damit nicht nur  gegen die Personenfreizügigkeit, sondern auch ganz allgemein gegen die Auswirkungen der Globalisierung. Ist das Auftreten populistischer Bewegungen ganz allgemein ein Phänomen der voranschreitenden Globalisierung? Eine Ausdrucksmöglichkeit der Abgehängten? Darüber spricht Irina Grabowski mit Christian Odendahl, dem Chefökonom beim Centre for European Reform in London.

The first item in Theresa May's in-tray: A Brexit-induced recession

City A.M
11 July 2016
Theresa May will be the next UK Prime Minister, and sterling and the FTSE 250 rose almost immediately.

ZDF: London: Regierung unter Druck

27 June 2016
Christian Odendahl speaks to ZDF about what happens now in the UK, following the EU referendum result, from 4.00 minutes.
Britain’s Out. Now what?

Britain's Out. Now what?

24 June 2016
Before dawn broke on the Continent, the outcome was shocking, if not wholly surprising. The majority of British voters chose to leave the EU. So what happens now to the UK, the EU and the world beyond.