Luigi Scazzieri

Luigi Scazzieri

Research fellow
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European foreign and security policy, the Middle East and Russia.

EU-Tripoli Migrant Deal Ignores Political Chaos in Libya, Analysts Warn

Voice of America: EU-Tripoli Migrant Deal Ignores Political Chaos in Libya, Analysts Warn

04 February 2017
Luigi Scazzieri talks to Voice of America about the EU's migrant deal with Libya.

5 News: Interview with Luigi Scazzieri on the Italian referendum (1:12)

06 December 2016
The Prime Minister's plans to reform the country's constitution was heavily defeated in a referendum. It could cause yet more turmoil for the EU - but the result has left many Italians overjoyed.

The impact of Italy's "No" vote is likely to be contained

05 December 2016
The "No" vote in yesterday's referendum was expected by most observers. But its consequences are likely to be less dramatic than many feared.

Italy's referendum result is not another Brexit or Trump

The Guardian
05 December 2016
First Britain voted for Brexit. Then America voted for Trump. And now Italians have overwhelmingly voted to reject constitutional reform.

CNBC: Polls suggest 'no' vote will prevail in Italian referendum

01 December 2016
The political fallout of a 'no' vote in Italy's reform referendum would be less than it has been made out to be, says Luigi Scazzieri at the Centre for European Reform.

Judy Asks: Can Renzi salvage Italy?

Carnegie Europe
30 November 2016
A selection of experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe's role in the world.

Italian constitutional referendum: Much ado about nothing?

25 November 2016
After the victory of "Leave" in the EU referendum and Donald Trump’s election as US President, Italy seems to be lined up as the next domino to fall to populism, with a referendum on constitutional changes scheduled for 4th December.