Simon Tilford

Simon Tilford

Deputy director
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Britain and Europe, the euro, fiscal and monetary policy, labour and social policy, competition, innovation, environmental economics and demographics.


Brexit-folk er ikke globaliseringstabere

09 January 2017
Siden et flertal af briterne i juni sidste år stemte for at forlade EU, har politikere og analytikere kaldt det et oprør fra vælgere, der er blevet ramt af globaliseringens ulemper og stigende ulighed.

Brexit blow: UK's top EU diplomat quits as Article 50 deadline looms

International Business Times
03 January 2017
Simon Tilford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform, spoke to IBTimes UK about Rogers' resignation.

CER podcast: CER researchers review the year 2016

21 December 2016
Charles Grant, Simon Tilford and Ian Bond review the political themes and events that shaped 2016.
La caduta della sterlina non salverà l’economia britannica

La caduta della sterlina non salverà l’economia britannica

Il sole 24 Ore
28 October 2016
Per capire se una sterlina più debole potrà dare una spinta alle esportazioni britanniche, dobbiamo andare a vedere l’impatto che hanno avuto i precedenti deprezzamenti sulla domanda estera di beni e servizi del Regno Unito, e anche sulla struttura dell’export britannico.

What would an "interim" Brexit deal look like?

26 October 2016
We will leave the EU without a long-term trade deal in place writes Simon Tilford.

CER podcast: What the fall of sterling means for the British economy and post-Brexit politics

21 October 2016
Simon Tilford and John Springford discuss the value of sterling and the impact on the economy and British politics.

Storbritannien på vej mod 'hård Brexit'

04 October 2016
Den britiske økonomi har i månederne efter EU-afstemningen klaret sig bedre, end hvad mange eksperter advarede om under valgkampen.

CER report: The EU never held Britain's economy back

Business Insider
27 September 2016
Britain's economy is sluggish and unproductive, and will worsen with Brexit, according to a report from the Centre for European Reform (CER).

Britain, don't blame the EU for your economic problems, CER says

26 September 2016
The UK's difficulties in unlocking its economic potential lie at home and it's wrong to blame the European Union, according to a new report by the Centre for European Reform.

Britain's Brexit economy is "mediocre" compared to other EU countries

New Europe
26 September 2016
“Brexit Britain: The Poor Man of Western Europe?”, the latest report of the Centre for European Reform authored by Simon Tilford criticizes Britain’s economy and decision for Brexit.  It brings forth evidence that Britain is not the strong economic leader that the public perceives it as being.