Simon Tilford

Simon Tilford

Deputy director
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Britain and Europe, the euro, fiscal and monetary policy, labour and social policy, competition, innovation, environmental economics and demographics.

The British and their exceptionalism

The British and their exceptionalism

03 May 2017
Few countries have allowed their sense of exceptionalism to damage their interests in the way Britain is doing. British overconfidence is unjustified and will come at a heavy price.

Is the EU's single market leading to convergence or divergence?

04 April 2017
The single market's 'agglomeration effects' – the tendency of wealthier areas to attract capital and skills – seem as strong as the 'catch-up effects' of poorer members importing capital and expertise.
Crisis of capitalism? Perhaps, but don’t blame it on globalisation

Crisis of capitalism? Perhaps, but don't blame it on globalisation

10 February 2017
Globalisation did not force governments to adopt policies that divided their countries, exacerbated inequality and hit social mobility. Many of them did those things by choice.

Britain's economy: Enjoy the calm before the storm

26 January 2017
Britain's economy has not weathered the Brexit storm. But the calm before the storm has lasted longer than many economists expected.

Brexit and the economics of populism

12 December 2016
Inequality, insecurity and a nativist backlash against immigration all help to explain the rise of populism. But globalisation does not prevent governments from addressing these problems.

A wake-up call for liberal Brexiters

22 November 2016
Trump's win has further weakened the liberal case for Brexit. Forging the closest EU ties possible is now even more essential for Britain.
Sterling slump won't rescue the British economy

Sterling slump won't rescue the British economy

21 October 2016
The 2008 devaluation did not prompt strong growth in British exports. The post-referendum fall in the pound is unlikely to do so either.

Brexit Britain: The poor man of Western Europe?

23 September 2016
Britain's economic record is mediocre and much of the country poor by Western European standards. The reasons for this are home-grown. And Brexit risks aggravating them.

Brexit will make Britain's mediocre economic record worse

19 September 2016
Britain is already an average economic performer by Western European standards. Brexit will further sap its economic dynamism and aggravate startling regional disparities
Dear EU leaders, please handle Britain with care

Dear EU leaders, please handle Britain with care

29 June 2016
Britain is in serious trouble. It does not need further concessions from you, but the dust needs to settle before it can take decisions about its future.