BBC Radio 4 PM

23 April 2014
BBC Radio 4
CER's Ian Bond, director of foreign policy, discusses why Tony Blair is wrong on Russia, Ukraine and Syria (from 14.40).

Eurozone deficit hits target for first time since 2008

23 April 2014
The New York Times
Simon Tilford, deputy director of the CER said, "The only way to be optimistic about eurozone debt would be to see a period of strong growth and a pickup in inflation. There’s no prospect of that at the moment."

Good Morning Wales

21 April 2014
BBC Radio Wales
CER's Ian Bond, director of foreign policy, comments on the shooting in Ukraine and the Geneva deal (see 1.36.53).

BHP Billiton boss warns Brexit will lead to a "decade" of trade negotiations

Andrew MacKenzie
17 April 2014
The Telegraph
Andrew Mackenzie, the chief executive of struggling mining giant BHP Billiton, has joined the chorus of FTSE 100 bosses pleading with voters to opt to remain in the EU, claiming a Brexit could result in a “decade of disruption” to trade agreements". ...In the EU, Britain helps to write rules taken up across the world that promote free trade and social good, like environmental protection. By leaving, the UK would stop being rule makers and become rule takers", Mr Mackenzie is due to say during a panel for the Centre for European Reform.

Judy Asks: Can NATO help end the Ukraine crisis?

16 April 2014
Carnegie Europe
Every week a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

The crisis in Ukraine

16 April 2014
CER's Ian Bond, director of foreign policy, talks to Rosemary Church about the Ukraine crisis (see 00:05).


15 April 2014
CER's Ian Bond, director of foreign policy, talks to John Stapleton and Ranvir Singh about Ukraine and the EU Sanctions on Russia (see 13:45).

Western stance on Ukraine: emotional and out of touch

15 April 2014
The Voice of Russia (Radio)
CER's Ian Bond, director of foreign policy, talks to Ekaterina Kudashkina about the Ukraine Crisis (from 02:06).

Record unemployment with nearly half of EU’s jobless out of work for over a year

15 April 2014
Christian Odendahl at the CER said "The big danger of this long-term unemployment is that it is likely to turn into persistent, structural unemployment as the recovery in the eurozone in particular will be slow."

Video interview on the EU, Russia and Ukraine

14 April 2014
Ian Bond discusses Russian moves in Ukraine, and how the EU and NATO should respond.

Taking a risk, investors snap up once-shunned Greek debt

10 April 2014
The New York Times
"Investors don’t look to the long-term health of economies," said Simon Tilford, the deputy director of the CER. They are looking at whether they can extract gains "without losing their shirts."

Britain must move closer to the EU to flourish, new parliamentary report claims

10 April 2014
The Express
"Britain within the EU but not in the euro is not a problem - if we stay in the EU but resist getting involved in further integration with the eurozone, that is fine - but if we were to leave, the City would over time be vulnerable to regulatory attacks et cetera" said Mr Tilford.

Why we should support nuclear power

Stephen Tindale
08 April 2014
The UK should continue to use nuclear power, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, writes Stephen Tindale. It should also test new nuclear technologies that can burn plutonium, such as the PRISM reactor, and develop molten salt reactors.

The EU and the Eastern Partnership: Whose backyard is it anyway?

07 April 2014
European Leadership Network
Almost 40 years ago the nations of Europe agreed in the Helsinki Final Act to respect each other’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and choice of political system. By invading Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, President Putin has violated all these principles. This has profoundly destabilising implications for all the countries that lie between...

Hungary is becoming the biggest reason why we may have to leave the EU

07 April 2014
The Telegraph
"It is quite alarming that Fidesz and Jobbik have won so much of the vote. Jobbik is a fascistic party that is scary in a way that Ukip, Le Pen, and Geert Wilders are not scary" said Charles Grant.

US asks Europe to spend more money for defence

Rem Korteweg
04 April 2014
International Business Times
"If you decide to increase defence spending today, the impact will only let itself be felt in four or seven years down the line, so when dealing with the current Ukraine crisis, it won’t matter," said Rem Korteweg of the CER.

What can we do about smog in the UK?

Stephen Tindale
03 April 2014
Fabian Society
The smog in much of the UK at present is not as visible as the infamous 1950s smogs, and may not be quite as dangerous. But it is not safe. The 50s smogs were vanquished by a Conservative government banning coal burning in homes and moving coal power stations away...

Gazprom uses gas to tighten noose on Ukraine

01 April 2014
The Telegraph
Ian Bond, from the CER said Mr Putin aims to reduce Ukraine to a "vassal state" by pushing for a loose federation in Ukraine under his control. He has upped the ante with a new strain of ethno-nationalism, laying a claim to all areas abroad deemed to be "historic Russia".

David Cameron eyes Danish premier to solve Brussels dilemma

31 March 2014
Financial Times
Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform think-tank said if the left does get the first crack at the top job in Brussels "at least three moderate Socialists would be viable alternatives" to Mr Schulz.

Nowy szef NATO na nowe czasy

Rem Korteweg
31 March 2014
W obecnej sytuacji Norweg jest właściwym wyborem dla obu stron. Traktuje zagrożenie rosyjskie poważnie, ale w sposób bardziej zniuansowany niż w Europie Wschodniej – mówi „Rz" Rem Korteweg, ekspert Centre for European Reform w Londynie.