In the Press - Brexit X-men: How the prime minister's key negotiators are coping

21 August 2016
The Guardian
Charles Grant, director of the CER, says some “very senior” people in the UK government are deeply ignorant about the single market, and adds that only now are the Brexit-backers beginning to grasp the difficulty of what faces them. “I think that two months down the line the senior Brexiters are beginning to realise that the whole process is going to be a lot more complicated, time-consuming and boring than they had imagined before, when they had presented it all as black and white."

In the Press - SNP seeks a way to avoid border checkpoints after independence

21 August 2016
The Scotsman
But Ian Bond, director of foreign policy for the Centre for European Reform, said border controls would be inevitable if Scotland voted for independence and was readmitted to the EU under standard conditions.

In the Press - Brexit trade deals: The gruelling challenge of taking back control

17 August 2016
The Guardian
The UK will have to negotiate no fewer than six deals to re-establish its place in the world after Brexit, according to Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform think-tank.

In the Press - A deal on Brexit was never going to be easy. There's plenty that could go wrong

16 August 2016
The Telegraph
Charles Grant, the director of the Centre for European Reform, believes that the UK needs to conduct five interconnecting sets of trade negotiations (actually he identifies more but I’m going to leave out those on foreign, defence and security policies for the sake of simplicity).

In the Press - Would Turkey's emergence as 'gas bazaar' be beneficial?

16 August 2016
Anadolu Agency
Rem Korteweg, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, also reiterated that Turkey's importance for Europe as a transit country for non-Russian gas.

In the Press - El terrorismo pone en jaque la estrategia europea de seguridad

15 August 2016
El Pais
"Ni la propuesta francoalemana ni las medidas que salen de Bruselas ni las respuestas puramente nacionales van impedir que el nuevo terrorismo siga golpeando: que un lobo solitario estampe un camión sobre la multitud, o un excombatiente entre en una iglesia y acuchille a un párroco”, reflexiona Camino Mortera, del CER.

In the Press - How will Brexit actually shape up? Weeks after vote, Brits still don't know

15 August 2015
The Christian Science Monitor
"We are already seeing the campaigns tool up again over what Brexit means," says John Springworth, an analyst at the Centre for European Reform. ...The EU “will want to ensure that the UK does not have its cake and eat it,” suggests Mr Springford, the CER analyst, “otherwise all sorts of other members will demand concessions.”

In the Press - EU migrants will stay in UK as Home Office cuts mean it will take 140 years to deport them

12 August 2016
The Express
The new Prime Minister oversaw such savage cutbacks to her former department it is incapable of keeping track of the number of European migrants entering the country and organising their return, according to the Centre for European Reform (CER). And at current rates, it would take Britain 140  years to trace and deport all EU migrants, a separate study by the Migration Observatory revealed. The CER said trying to send EU workers back to the continent is "politically attractive" but "impractical, of dubious legality and against British interests". 

In the Press - Brexit Briefing: Balance at the BBC

11 August 2016
Financial Times
Charles Grant has argued that journalists’ poor knowledge of the EU contributed to the Brexit vote. While the outcome of the June 23 referendum may seem to reduce the need for such "insider" expertise, in-depth understanding of the EU, it will remain just as important in reporting negotiations on the future of Britain outside the EU in the years ahead.

In the Press - Europeans bemused and dismayed by Donald Trump

10 August 2016
Voice of America
"People are kind of stuck as slightly horrified spectators," said Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the London-based Centre for European Reform. "Hoping that it turns out all right, but not having much influence over the outcome."

Future events

CER/Open Europe fringe event at the Labour party conference: ‘Testing the limits of the post-Brexit Deal’

27 September 2016
Speakers include: Liam Byrne MP, Charles Grant, Emma Reynolds MP, European MP (invited); Chair: Stephen Booth

CER/Open Europe fringe event at the Conservative party conference: ‘Testing the limits of the post-Brexit Deal’

03 October 2016
Speakers include: Raoul Ruparel, Conservative MP (invited), European MP (invited); Chair: Charles Grant