In the Press - Brexit: Do we stand a chance?

22 June 2017
London Business School
“The EU is very self-confident now,” said Charles Grant, Director, Centre for European Reform. “The eurozone is growing fast, (Emmanuel) Macron is a powerful new figure who will revitalise the Franco-German relationship and (Donald) Trump and Brexit are creating solidarity amongst European governments. They (the EU) feel they’re not going to have to make any concessions at all. They laugh at the idea that anything could destabilise the eurozone.”

In the Press - The EU should spell out options for Britain

20 June 2017
The Evening Standard
Writing for the Centre for European Reform, Simon Tilford suggested last week that once we have agreement on citizens’ rights and the £60 billion-plus exit fee, which presumably Boris Johnson will suggest should be paid with funds sucked out of the NHS, then the EU should spell out publicly for British consumption the remaining options to fuel an informed debate.

In the Press - Negotiations begin over British split from European Union

19 June 2017
The Washington Post
“They can be more relaxed about Britain crashing out without a deal that could destabilize the EU economy and destabilize the euro zone,” said Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - EU has negotiating team of all talents

19 June 2017
The Times
Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform, a British think tank, has stated that Brexit will not be a single event but a process. This process commenced with the triggering of Article 50, the formal notification to leave. Negotiations must be completed within two years from the date of commencement, unless a time extension is allowed.

In the Press - Macron wins majority in French parliament, pollsters project

18 June 2017
“Though Emmanuel Macron and Tony Blair have much in common, Blair never sought to smash the UK’s party system, which EM has done in France,” Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, said in a Twitter posting, referring to the British prime minister who won three straight elections from 1997.

In the Press - Seizing the initiative

16 June 2017
Financial Times
The question is whether in 10-15 years the EU side will regret not taking a more proactive approach based on how close a relationship the bloc actually wants with Britain. Here Simon Tilford and John Springford of the Centre for European Reform have some ideas. If Britain makes some progress on the divorce issues, they want the EU to respond “by laying out in public, and in some detail, the four options facing Britain”.

In the Press - European support for EU surges in wake of Brexit vote

15 June 2017
Financial Times
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, said a growing economy and ebbing of the worst of the refugee crisis had created a more positive backdrop for the EU in the past year, even as specific doubts remained. “In terms of image, which is hugely influential, things are looking up,” he said. “With countries doing better, you would expect a bit more optimism.”

In the Press - Brexit briefing: Honest options

15 June 2017
Financial Times
British politicians are still avoiding the hard truths about leaving the EU, say Simon Tilford and John Springford of the Centre for European Reform. To force an honest debate, they suggest that the EU-27 present Britain with four options for Brexit.

In the Press - Brexit talks start Monday: The UK still lacks a plan

15 June 2017
CNN Money
"The EU can only negotiate once the UK has come to a consensus on how to proceed -- which will only happen once British politicians openly debate Brexit's dilemmas," said Simon Tilford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform. ...Tilford said that if May sticks to her uncompromising approach, the EU will have "no option but to respond in kind."

In the Press - EU opens door for Brexit retreat, but at a price

14 June 2017
The Independent
It is worth showing a generosity of spirit according to Ian Bond, the director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform. “If you see your friend about to jump off a cliff, would you try to persuade them things aren’t so bad? Or shrug, say ‘Your choice’ and walk off?” he said.

Future events

Roundtable on 'Scotland, Brexit and the future of the EU'

26 June 2017
With Michael Russell, Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland's Place in Europe