In the Press - Amid tight Brexit polls, Netherlands' trade and investment leaders wary of referendum

24 May 2016
International Business Times
The Dutch, could negotiate for more-open trade terms to minimize any economic fallout, according to Rem Korteweg, a Dutch expert in the geopolitics of trade at the Centre for European Reform. "There will be generally a willingness to give the UK good terms, just based on economic arguments," Korteweg said. "But [the Netherlands] won't want to give access to the single market without any strings attached.

In the Press - Austria holds its breath as exit polls show far-Right candidate Norbert Hofer leads by the narrowest of margins

21 May 2016
The Telegraph
“The Freedom Party has become the outlet for people who want to say ‘we’re fed up with this cosy consensus”, said Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform, a pro-EU think-tank.

In the Press - Austria populists aim for breakthrough in presidency runoff

20 May 2016
"The populists are able to tap into a sense of frustration in many voters that the kind of middle-class lives and middle-class jobs people used to have aren’t there anymore," said Ian Bond, a London-based director at the Centre for European Reform. "It's the sense that inequality is growing and that while the rich recovered, everybody else was left behind."

In the Press - What would Brexit mean for British trade?

19 May 2016
The Telegraph
John Springford, an economist with the Centre for European Reform, the total cost of those tariffs [on UK goods and it exported into the EU] would be large, ranging from a 2.2 per cent of GDP (£40 billion) to 9 per cent.

In the Press - Brexit would leave Germany more powerful with less influence

12 May 2016
Voice of America
"The departure of the UK, a vital ally, would make it even harder to manage this fissiparous club," argues Charles Grant, director of the London-based pro-EU research organization, the Centre for European Reform. "Brexit would leave the EU a less congenial place for many Germans, while also heightening resentment of Berlin’s power elsewhere on the continent," he argued in an opinion article in Britain’s Financial Times.

In the Press - EU Facts: What would leaving the EU mean for expats?

18 May 2016
The Telegraph
As an example, Spain could ask British retirees to pay for their own healthcare - according to the Centre for European Reform's John Springford - or move to curb access to healthcare services outright.

In the Press - Brexeunt stage left: The Europeans hoping that Britain votes Brexit

18 May 2016
The Guardian
Other, smaller Dutch parties, including the Socialists and Voor Nederland, were prominent in the victorious no campaign in the Dutch referendum on Ukraine. They are likely to “make statements praising the benefits of Brexit for the Dutch debate”, says Rem Korteweg at the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - New German court challenge of ECB unlikely to succeed

17 May 2016
"I don’t see any chance of this going anywhere," Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform said of latest legal challenge. "I think that the complaint against sovereign bond buying program had higher chances of success but didn’t succeed," Odendahl said. "The European Court of Justice argued that even this is inside the ECB’s mandate. So the purchase of private assets is clearly within the ECB’s mandate."