In the Press - Gig jobs: Lyfts to wages make it tougher for platforms to Deliveroo

17 October 2021
Today UK News
Industry consolidation is under way in Europe, with half of gig earnings stemming from the five biggest platforms, according to the Centre for European Reform. Wage inflation could accelerate the process by forcing weaker competitors out. If so, expect more protests from gig workers. The pressure for politicians to intervene will rise.

In the Press - Pandora's box

15 October 2021
Financial Times
The Brexit deal has the potential to open a Pandora’s box on market access. In future trade deals, the EU may need to offer more access to other countries, particularly for food products, argues Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform in this policy brief.

In the Press - Italy: Fresh pandemic woes for those jabbed with ‘wrong’ vaccines

14 October 2021
“I think the situation that people in Italy are facing at the moment is basically a choice of Italy to go down this route, and not the choice of the European Union,” said Camino Mortera-Martinez, a lawyer researching the Green Pass and freedom of movement at the Centre for European Reform in Brussels.

In the Press - UK trade deals should prioritise economic growth over environmental protections - leaked govt document

14 September 2021
Sky News
Sam Lowe, trade expert from the Centre for European Reform, added: "While there have been increased calls for the UK to make its foreign trade agreements (FTAs) conditional on partner countries meeting stringent environmental and climate targets, this confirms that such an approach has been deemed too tricky by DIT.
"It also clarifies that the UK is willing to liberalise trade in environmentally questionable goods if necessary to get an FTA over the line.

In the Press - Brexit: 'Frosty the no man' to turn heat up on EU in Lisbon

12 October 2021
City A.M
Sam Lowe, senior research fellow at The Centre for European Reform think tank, said Frost’s expected statements on the ECJ’s role overseeing the treaty have come from left field.
“The fear is that Frost is just adding things to his list of things to be upset about so as to ensure the EU can never properly satisfy the UK’s demands so he can keep this argument rolling on,” he said.

In the Press - EU unity faces fresh test in Northern Ireland Brexit row

10 October 2021
“The root of the problem, in a way, is the very bad state of the British-French relationship,” said Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform think-tank. “It is so bad that it makes the French quite unwilling to help the British at all on Brexit issues. And the French of course are very influential on the EU institutions.” Grant argued that if the UK “started to get serious about diplomacy” and tried to “behave better and make some friends in Europe, then there would be a threat to unity because not everybody would want to follow the hard line that the French are taking.”

In the Press - Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson lost je ne sais quoi over Brexit and Biden

09 October 2021
The Times
French sources say that even if Macron wins in April he is in no rush to try and build fences with London and will expect the overture to come from Johnson. This a view shared by Charles Grant, the head of the centre for European Reform, who hosted Macron in London when his presidential ambition was still in its infancy.

In the Press - It was jam tomorrow at the Tory party conference, at least according to Liz Truss

09 October 2021
The Telegraph
Over at a fringe meeting held by the Centre for European Reform, business minister Greg Hands proffered an interesting theory on why we will probably never rejoin the EU. By the time of the next election, he argued, we will have joined the Pacific free trade zone CPTPP and have trade deals with Australia, New Zealand and potentially India and maybe even the US (keep dreaming). “It’s very difficult to see how either rejoining the EU, the customs union or the single market would be compatible,” he said. This assumes, of course, that all of the deals will result in large new trade flows.

In the Press - Smart reads: Transatlantic blues

08 October 2021
Financial Times
The withdrawal from Afghanistan and US’s surprise defence deal with Australia and the UK show that the tensions in transatlantic relations raised during the Trump presidency essentially remain the same under Joe Biden, writes the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - Laschet diz que CDU precisa de “novo começo”

07 October 2021
O economista do Centre for European Reform Christian Odendahl fazia uma comparação entre os caminhos dos conservadores, por um lado, e dos participantes nas conversações para uma coligação, por outro. “As conversações ‘semáforo’ entre o SPD, Verdes e FDP estão a correr sem percalços, embora ainda haja grandes diferenças a colmatar.