In the Press - Brexit: UK should rejoin single market as quitting EU ‘biggest piece of self-inflicted harm,’ says Sadiq Khan

29 June 2022
Evening Standard
Another analysis, by the Centre for European Reform, estimated that the UK was being hit with a £31 billion blow to GDP from Brexit in the fourth quarter of 2021.

In the Press - Counting the cost of the Brexit vote six years on

27 June 2022
The Sunday Times
The doppelgänger approach has been used extensively by John Springford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform. His latest update, covering the period to the end of last year, was published earlier this month, and the results are striking.

In the Press - ‘What have we done?’: six years on, UK counts the cost of Brexit

25 June 2022
The Guardian
Figures from the Centre for European Reform show that the Brexit vote has already depressed economic growth. The independent think-tank said that by the end of last year the economy was 5% – or £31bn – smaller than if the UK had stayed in the EU. 

In the Press - Brexit : six ans d’effritement de l’économie britannique

23 June 2022
Le Monde
John Springford, du groupe de réflexion Centre for European Reform, a comparé les statistiques britanniques à celles d’un groupe de vingt-deux pays développés. Il en conclut que depuis le troisième trimestre 2016 (juste après le référendum), la croissance britannique a été inférieure de 5,2 % à celle du groupe témoin, les investissements inférieurs de 13,7 %, le commerce de marchandises de 13,6 % et celui des services de 7,9 %. Cela ne signifie pas que l’économie britannique a stagné depuis 2016, mais simplement qu’elle a moins prospéré que celle des pays témoins.

In the Press - Brexit will keep wages down and make UK poorer in decade ahead, study finds

22 June 2022
The Independent
It follows a recent study by the Centre for European Reform (CER) which found Brexit was “largely to blame” for billions being lost in trade and tax revenues in recent years.
The think tank said that by the end of last year, Britain’s economy was 5.2 per cent – or £31bn – smaller than it would have been without Brexit and the Covid pandemic.
“We can’t blame Brexit for all of the 5.2 per cent GDP shortfall … but it’s apparent that Brexit is largely to blame,” said John Springford, author of the CER study.

In the Press - Five Star party splits as Ukraine war shakes Italian politics

22 June 2022
Financial Times
Luigi Scazzieri, a senior fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said the war looked set to emerge as the prism through which other domestic political disputes will be viewed as next year’s general elections draw closer. “The war becomes this all-encompassing phenomenon that has all these hot button consequences in terms of energy, food security, migration and economic recession,” he said. “It’s becoming a very big issue that has divisions within parties as well as between them.”

In the Press - How close are the Western Balkans to joining the European Union?

22 June 2022
This largely explains the delay for Serbia "as it is not in President Vucic's interests to enact reforms that EU membership requires, as these would undermine his patronage system and his hold on power," Luigi Scazzieri, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, told Euronews. 

In the Press - Commission’s Big Tech probes may face hurdles in Qualcomm’s wake

20 June 2022
“The Commission’s process comes across as highly questionable,” said Zach Meyers, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, which counts Qualcomm among its corporate donors. “There will undoubtedly be concerns within the Commission legal service that these problems might have been endemic at the time and could lead to other Commission decisions being vulnerable to appeal.”

In the Press - Brussels set to endorse Ukraine as a candidate for EU membership

17 June 2022
Camino Mortera-Martinez, head of the Brussels office of the Centre for European Reform (CER), described enlargement as the "trickiest" issue facing the EU and noted that the Commission's early lobbying on member states for Ukraine membership "is working.""Many think that Ukraine is not ready to join the EU yet, but they know the EU cannot afford to keep it in the waiting room for years, as it has done with other candidates like North Macedonia," she said. 

In the Press - Brexit trade friction caused 15% fall in UK-EU exports in first half of 2021

15 June 2022
Financial Times
John Springford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform noted there was “some disagreement among economists about the extent to which the TCA has reduced UK trade. But, he added, “all agree that it has made the British economy significantly more closed”.