France takes the lead of G-20

Press quote (Voice of America)
11 November 2010

That's partly why experts like Simon Tilford, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform in London, are skeptical about Mr Sarkozy's goals. "I think he's hoping that taking on the G20, G8 will bolster his international credentials ... I think that could prove a bit of a forlorn hope. He's taking over at a time of considerable international tension. It's been a long time since we've seen such big differences on positons of key issues among the world's leading economies."... Analyst Tilford says French elite do share Mr Sarkozy's concerns about restoring France's waning international influence. But he says the majority of French are more worried about domestic issues like pensions and jobs. Which is why Mr Sarkozy's presidency of the G20 and the G8 groups may fall short of his ambitious goals.