Gas bonanza for Cyprus hostage to strategic battle with Turkey

Rem Korteweg
18 February 2014
The Telegraph
"If poorly managed, Cypriot gas could harden political divisions. Ankara does not recognise the government in Nicosia and has threatened military force if Cyprus allows drilling in the disputed maritime zone," said Rem Korteweg of the CER.

EU studies citizens' water campaign in democracy drive

Stephen Tindale
17 February 2014
BBC News
Stephen Tindale, an analyst at an EU-focused think-tank, the CER, said the ECI mechanism was a useful way to put an issue on the EU's agenda. ..."It requires the Commission to meet groups, consider the issue and give a response, but it won't necessarily lead to a change in policy," Mr Tindale told the BBC.

Response to DG competition consultation - Draft guidelines on environmental and energy aid for 2014-2020

Stephen Tindale
14 February 2014
The Centre for European Reform is a think-tank based in London, working on economics, foreign policy, energy and JHA. We are pro-European, though not uncritical.

State aid rules are important for the single market, which needs to be deepened in energy. But the single market is not the...

EU professionals find plenty of work in UK

13 February 2014
Financial Times
John Springford of the CER, says in a 2013 paper on EU immigration that the UK looks to be following the US example, where skilled natives are more likely to work as managers and executives while skilled immigrants are more likely to work as scientists, engineers and statisticians.

EU Calls for Ukraine Elections, Shies Away From Sanctions

10 February 2014
Voice of America
"There are some really quite worrying comments coming out of Moscow about Moscow's thinking that maybe Ukraine would be better if it were federalized, which I think is code for some sort of split between east and west," said Ian Bond, Centre for European Reform. (At 2.18 of video)

Cameron posturing on migration and benefits tourism, says EU jobs official

09 February 2014
The Guardian
An analysis by John Springford at the CER in October found that the arrival of more than 1 million east Europeans in Britain, mainly Poles and from the Baltic states, since 2004, has had a broadly positive impact on the economy.

Britain's Conservatives must choose between sovereignty and free trade

07 February 2014
The British Conservative party is deeply divided over British membership of the EU.

US apologizes over EU Ukraine 'Insult'

07 February 2014
Voice of America
The Western allies had appeared to be working in tandem, says Ian Bond of the CER in London. "It seems to me that the EU has actually done a pretty good job in Ukraine so far and that on the whole the EU and the US have worked together quite well." (At 01.45 of video)

ECB's Coeure: Eurozone must not take economic recovery for granted

Benoît Cœuré
31 January 2014
"We cannot afford to be complacent," Benoit Coeure said in the text of a speech to be given at an event organised by the Centre for European Reform. "Debt levels and unemployment are high and unevenly distributed, and the nascent recovery remains weak and uneven," he added.

David Cameron: Divided loyalties

29 January 2014
Financial Times
"My own feeling is that the strategy of a referendum that he announced 12 months ago is now almost impossible to achieve," says Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform. Mr Grant argues that in his quest to win re-election and to vanquish the threat of Ukip, Mr Cameron is simply making too many enemies.

Ukrainian opposition pressures Yanukovych after deadly riots

23 January 2014
Bloomberg Business Week
"The more blood is spilled, the harder it becomes for the opposition to give up without achieving its objectives and for the government to make concessions," Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the CER, said by phone yesterday.

EU backs troops for Central Africa

Rem Korteweg
21 January 2014
The New York Times
"The sheer scale of the violence and the chaos of the last couple of weeks has astonished a lot of Europeans and forced them to pay attention," said Rem Korteweg, an expert on security issues at the CER.

EU membership "boosts Britain's goods trade by 30 per cent"

20 January 2014
The London-based Centre for European Reform (CER) predicted Britain would struggle to maintain trade with other EU member states - now 54 per cent of goods trade - if it left the bloc.

UK eurosceptics warned: EU membership boosts trade by 30%

20 January 2014
International Business Times
According to the CER, Britain's trade in goods with other EU member-states was 55% higher than would be expected given their output, proximity and other traits. This translates to a 30% boost in goods trade under EU membership.

Video interview on 'The Great British trade-off: The impact of leaving the EU on the UK's trade and investment'

20 January 2014
Simon Tilford and John Springford discuss their latest CER policy brief 'The Great British trade-off: The impact of leaving the EU on the UK's trade and investment'.

Immigration: The new Europe

18 January 2014
The Irish Times
"We are likely to see strong showings in the European elections for eurosceptic or far-right parties in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Italy," says Hugo Brady, of the CER in London.

Better off inside

Stephen Tindale
17 January 2014
The European
It’s impossible to say what will happen between the UK and the rest of Europe. But it is possible to say what should happen.

Ashton picks EU ambassador to the US

16 January 2014
European Voice
Charles Grant, director of the CER, said that O'Sullivan's appointment, if confirmed, would show that the negotiations on a transatlantic trade and investment partnership were the main priority in EU-US relations. "The case for O'Sullivan is that he's an expert who understands the nitty-gritty of trade negotiations," he said.

Another influential Tory joins the No Fear of Brexit brigade

13 January 2014
The New Statesman
For a sober pro-EU account of how little Cameron can reasonably expect to achieve it is worth reading this piece by Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, from last December.

Wanted: Crusaders for 'More Europe'

05 January 2014
The Wall Street Journal
The EU has historically tended to regulate too much, placing unnecessarily heavy burdens on business. But the Commission is now committed to reducing red tape and has repealed almost 5,590 legal acts since 2005, according to the Centre for European Reform.