Zach Meyers

Zach Meyers

Research fellow
Areas of expertise 

Competition policy, economic regulation, industrial strategy, technology and innovation, the single market.


Why Europe’s payments champion should innovate, not imitate

07 July 2021
Several European banks announced last year they would create a European version of Visa and Mastercard, called the European Payment Initiative.

BBC Radio Three Counties: Global tax reform

04 June 2021
As well as a global minimum corporate tax, the G7 is also set to agree a reallocation of the right to tax. Countries like the UK, France and Germany, that have large consumer bases using big tech companies like Amazon, will be able to levy taxes. Zach Meyers spoke to Roberto...

CER podcast: The EU's plans for Big Tech

10 May 2021
Camino Mortera-Martínez discusses what to do about Big Tech with Zach Meyers.

How the Digital Markets Act can tame big tech

06 May 2021
The European Commission announced at the end of April that it believes Apple has breached competition laws. This was predictable.